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About : The Magnetic Mud Mask is a purifying, non-drying, mineral-rich mask composed of double-coated clay from New Zealand to help moisturize and smooth the look of skin while drawing out dirt and impurities.  This innovative cosmetic technology comprises a magnetic pack cleaner and nutrient rich mud.  The pack cleaner removes dirt and leaves behind nutrients. The cleaner pulls out grime and sebum, the oily waxy substance left in your pours as a result of exposure to external harmful environments.  The pack leaves behind active nutrients and ionized minerals to absorb into the skin, resulting in moisturized healthy skin. It makes skin brighter and keeps it elastic. Experience the remarkable change in your skin buy today!

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No Parabens - No Animal Testing - Dermatologist Approved by KDRI 

Milk Vetch Root Extract: Contains antioxidants which protect cells against damage, this root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.  

Green Tea: Seed oil is a natural emollient and moisturizer with superb antioxidant properties that leave the skin feeling silky smooth and protected. 

Rotorua Mud: Geothermal mud from New Zealand that is rich in rejuvenating minerals this mud has natural cleansing, antiseptic, healing and rebalancing properties. Rotorua is renowned for the curative and invigorating properties of the many hot pools and mineral spas. For many years Rotorua's  mud has been used for its healing properties in the local Queen Elizabeth II hospital (now QE Health).

Macadamia Oil: The Palmitoleic profile makes it the perfect choice for mature or dry skin. Phytosterols are protective, aiding in skin recovery. Phytosterols act like cortisone on the skin, helping to reduce itchiness and inflammation. Palmitoleic is vital for delaying skin and premature aging.

Instructions for Use:
1) Take a right amount and spread on your entire face avoiding eyes by using spatula.
2) Leave pack on face for 10-15 minutes.}
3) Wrap up Magnet pack cleaner with sanitary cap.
4) Remove pack smoothly from your skin having interval about 0.5 mm. Leave no residue on the skin.
5) After removing, massage the remaining essence oil into skin.

1) Do not place magnetic pack cleaner close to the product.
2) Wrap and use the cleaner with magnet pack sanitary cap or a piece of cloth. 

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