We adore our clients, here is what some of them have to say about our stem cell masks.  
  • ”I live in the desert and the stem cell masks have turned my skin around, all these years of buying really expensive skincare with no results - not anymore, thanks to Beautigenix!" 

    ~ Miranda C. – Sedona, AZ

  • "I bought my masks 5 weeks ago for my aetheticians to boost sales for the add-on service in our spa. I suggest you purchase double the amount you think you need! The stem cell masks are like NO OTHER add on service! Clients are raving about the results, thank you Garrett and Beautigenix! 
    ~ Patrick
 - Maui, HI

  • "As a Korean I know great skincare. These stem cell masks are literally EVERYTHING."
    ~ Eunji K. - Washington D.C

  • "The spa add-on service for the human stem cell facial was soldâ out in a week! We are all in love! Five estys and we all agree these masks are what we have been waiting for. we give them 5 stars. Thank you garrett so much for creating such a great product with proven efficacy."
    ~ Jonathan
  • "Just returned from IECSC in vegas and WOW the Soothing mask is amazing! Best post treatment for micro-needling i have seen in a long time. Thank you, I love the pro-line and can't wait to use the rest. 

    ~ Elaine, Los Angeles , CA
  • "Dear Beautinex, I wear less foundation because of you! The Brightening human stem cell mask is everything. It has turned my skin around!" ~ Lucy O. - Las Vegas, NV

  • "I thought this was going to be another gimmick of a product, but I was wrong! The hydration human stem cell mask has given me my skin back, twice a week now for 4 weeks and loving it -- I ordered the first day the company opened" 

    ~ Carry J. - Park City, UT 

  • "As a flight attendant of 17 years. I have searched for a product like this for a long time - Thank you Beautigenix, my skin as has it's glow back! After just 5 weeks the stem cell masks have amazing results"~ Sam R. – Atlanta, GA


"Can't say enough about the Beautigenix products. Amazing!!! Actual results!!!" 
    Jen D. - New York City, NEW YORK

  • "The stem cells masks are in my top 5 favorite products of all time.. PS I LOVE the Whitening mask." 
~ Ali N. - Dubai, UAE
"When the relaxing mask came in the spa, as an esthetician I thought here we go another add-on that is useless... I use the relaxing stem cell mask on clients after chemical peels and other intensive treatments as part of the recovery process, 4 weeks into use and we have sold out every order. Thank you Beautigenix for boosting my business.  I was wrong, this product will change the face of skincare literally" 

~ Shara R. – Seattle, WA 

  • Thank you, Beautigenix for doubling my spa business. My add-on service has doubled in 2 weeks and clients are loving the stem cell mask treatments."
  • Jackie - Beverly Hills, CA


  • “Thank you Garrett and Beautigenix! At age 65 I look amazing since I've been using the lifting mask. My smiles lines are soft and plump. A forever customer!” 
    ~ Cynthia - New York City, NY

"As an aesthetician, I Google search everything on the internet to find the best skincare treatment out there. I ordered the stem cell masks for my add-on service and I can't believe in 3 weeks the changes to my clients! Thank you Garrett and Beautigenix."

    ~ Mark - Los Angeles, CA


  • "All the flight attendants are obsessed."
    ~Shayla N. - Delta Flight Attendant


"I have the relaxing mask on right now!!! And LOVING it! " 
~ L.S. – Aspen, CO

  • "Vielen dank an die stammzell maske Beautigenix ist fantastisch!"~ J.M - Frankfort, GERMANY 


"I wish I could bathe in these masks! My favorite is the Lifting mask!  
    ~Robyn L. – Chicago, IL


  • "The BEST sheet mask EVER!"

    ~ Arthur L. – San Diego, CA

  • "I was skeptical at first, but now I am a BELIEVER! After just 4 treatments everyone in the office was talking about my skin!"   

~ Mark R. – Minneapolis, MN

  • "These masks are AMAZING!" 
~Shauna Y. - Boston, MA


  • "I visited Beautigenix at the IECSC spa and wellness show in Vegas a few weeks ago. I was a little taken back by the amount of professional knowledge this team has.  The Beautigenix team are truly skincare gurus. I love the masks! My additional service treatments are up 60%!" 
    ~ Samantha K. - Las Vegas, NV

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